The Relationship between Job Satisfaction of Iranian English Teachers and Their Students’ Achievement

Gholamreza Hesami, Saeed Kheiri


Teachers' satisfaction with their career influences the quality and stability of instruction given to students. The purpose of the present investigation was to examine the relationship between teacher job satisfaction and student achievement among Iranian high school English teachers and to investigate the effect of factors such as gender, employment type and working place on job satisfaction in order to provide better insights for the educational authorities and teachers to look for possible ways of improving the existing situation. Data were collected through Job Satisfaction Survey (Spector, 1985) distributed among 84 Iranian high school English teachers. End of the term results were used as an indicator of the students` achievement. The findings of the present study suggested that there was a significant relationship between teacher job satisfaction and student achievement. But there was not any significant difference between male and female teachers regarding job satisfaction. Besides, working at public vs. private schools did not make any significant difference in the level of job satisfaction. But a significant difference was found between the part-time and full-time teachers' job satisfaction. The full-time teachers were more satisfied with their job.

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