eZoomBook Methodology and Template: A Case Study of Collective Authorship in the Classroom

Catrin Bellay, Chris De Marco, Christine Evain


This article reports on an innovative pedagogical methodology carried out in an executive education class. Participants were encouraged to link their classroom training and their professional activity using a methodology of collaborative note-taking and journal writing. The tool used for this activity was an eZoomBook, a multi-level tool incorporating different layers of content accessible by tabs in a menu. eZoomBooks include a zooming in and out function allowing readers to navigate between the different layers depending on interest and need. Participant testimony indicates that this student-centric approach to collaborative writing using the eZB methodology enhanced intrinsic motivation, teamwork skills, and learning. The executive education participants clearly indicated their satisfaction and their desire to continue using the methodology and tool in the workplace.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/selt.v5n2p231


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