The Success of English Training for the Local Guides in Bali

I Nengah Sudipa


English is widely learned throughout the globe not only as a second but also as a foreign language. As a foreign language in Indonesia, English is only studied at school as a subject-matter. Bali is a popular tourist destination in Indonesian and it provides a number of opportunities for people to master competence in English language speaking. One of the English trainings for the local villagers is run by the government of Badung regency, in the Bali province-Indonesia. This article aims at describing the process and result of English training for members of the community Group of Tourism Awareness. The participants, including the tourism local guides, were provided with materials on the following functions of the language: greetings, farewell and special expressions, apologizing, requests, invitations and suggestions. The training was carried out during three days with time allotment of 2 hours a day. The training consisted in orientation, drills, feedback and continuation. Training was delivered in terms of conversational process using the techniques of RELUS (R = read, LU = look up, S = say). The evaluation of the training was carried out through individual oral tests. The results showed that 11 out of the 18 participants obtained excellent marks and the rest obtained good results.

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