Impacts of Using Paralanguage on Teaching and Learning English Language to Convey Effective Meaning

Elsadig Mohamed Khalifa, Habib Faddal


Paralanguage is considered as an influential factor in foreign language teaching and learning that plays an essential role in language teaching and enhancing language learners’ performance. The paper states to explore the effect of using paralanguage on teaching and learning English language to EFL learners. It is going to investigate the relationship between learners’ awareness of learning concept and teachers’ paralanguage; the standardized testing relational aspect between students’ learning and teachers’ paralanguage; and the learners’ credible teaching perceptions depend on the teachers’ paralanguage. The participants in this research are teachers and students of English language in the College of Science and Arts, Almandaq Branch in Albaha University. The study has concluded that paralanguage strategies assist in communicating effective meanings. It is recommended that EFL teachers and learners should use paralanguage strategies in their teaching and learning processes to convey meaning effectively.

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