The Relationship between Language Games in Discourse Interactions in Classroom and Strengthening and Developing Vocabularies of Grade Two Male Students in Primary School

Fateme Moazzeni, Ferdows Aghagolzadeh


The purpose of the present research is evaluating the effect of teaching method based on language games on development of students’ language and discourse. The main hypothesis of the research is based on effect of language games on development of students’ vocabularies. The participants of the research included 44 second grade male students in primary school who were studying at 2015-2016 in Qarchak of Varamin in schools which the researcher teaches in them. Sample for study was divided into two groups of experimental and control though simple random. Initially, pretest was taken from the both groups in order to obtain full confidence of their integration and awareness about vocabularies of the lesson. Then the experimental group was educated for 6 months means from October 2015 to April 2016 for 3 hours per week through method based on language game and the control group was educated based on traditional method at the same period through the usual method with the same teacher and training book. At the end of the treatment, posttest was taken from the both group. Results indicated a considerable difference has been made between the experiment and the control groups.

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