A Study on the Perception on the Use of Audio-Visual Methods to Improve the Chinese College Students’ Listening Comprehensions

HeXiao Li


This study devoted to explore the perceptions of the use of the audio-visual methods (AVM) to improve the Chinese College Students’ Listening comprehensions which are mutual processes that listeners join to construct the meaning of the listening text more than merely hearing words. In Chinese college English teaching and speaking process, because students should reach the listening requirements at relevant level so that the teachers should select effective methods to enhance their listening comprehensions. Qualitative method was conducted to collect data from six Chinese college students taking lessons in Senlin College (SL) and two senior English language teachers who have experiences of teaching English as a second language for more than 5 years in addition, methods of observation, interview and focus group will be used in this research. Findings from this study indicate that that students and teachers found AVM to be effective meanwhile the participants also mentioned that there were some challenges when using this method, but as the present study found it experienced more advantages over disadvantages.

The study provides pedagogical implications in teaching and learning for instructors with maintaining the sufficient usage of audio-visual method in their ESLclass to enhance students’ listening comprehensions.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/eltls.v4n4p68


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