10-15 Years of Visually Impaired Physical Development Investigation with Brockport Tests of the Effect Artistic Gymnastics Program in Elementary School Students

Ahmet Sirinkan


The purpose of this study, is to 10-15 years of age applied to the visually students in elementary school physical fitness program, development of tests to investigate the effect of Brockport.

Blind study of Erzurum of 47 elementary school students studying in 20 (13 male+7 female) students in experiment group, 20 (13 male+ 7 female) students control group of students participated. Research at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) 60 minute work in the form of 2 and 16 weeks   

Brockport physical fitness tests can be applied to children before starting work. Brockport applied tests, flamingo balance, flexibility, push-up 30 sec., 30 sec. Shuttle, barfikste arm hold, barfikste arm pull, right-left hand grip strench, walking the ramp of 40 m, 40 m wheelchair ramp handling, composed. 4 month study was performed again at the end of the students the same tests.

The data were recorded as mean ± standard deviation. The statistics analysis of the collected data is used ssps 16.00 package program.

Our results suggest that studies artiatic gymnastics were developed in a positive way the visually impaired motor development of children.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jetss.v5n1p1


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